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All important information, for an individual or firm, must be protected even after they were deleted. Deleted files or formatting the disks is easily recoverable. Sensitive data, such as passwords, financial or health records are at risk. Don’t allow to an unauthorized person to discover it.

You must protect also the banking account information, credit card numbers, social security data, human resource, accounting and other internal documents. The confidential data should be not only safeguarded according to the strict rules, but it should be also completely destroyed when needed. (more…)

Whether you know or not, you are a target, an easy target, if you do not take minimum steps to protect yourself when using the internet, when you are making security copies for your essential data.

No law mandates financial institutions encrypt data, but common sense require applying the best security methods. Wasting data is not an option! (more…)

Data transmission is vital and become a necessity for all computer users. Data represent the lifeblood of any organization. Who can risk to not preserving the privacy of customers, employees and partners data? It is a must to prevent identity theft, by employing sophisticated and generally effective security procedures that control the entire system.

We live in an insecure world where unwanted person can access your personal information (email or desktop documents) and often use it against you. Loosing personal data of million consumers, for example, is prompting companies to embrace security technology they have neglected. (more…)

In a perfect world we would never have to worry about our computers failing, nor would we have to worry about natural disaster. But we don’t live in a perfect world so be sure to backup data regularly. You can keep data safe by using ID Backup Manager.

We know for certain, that all computers and their components will eventually fail. What we don’t know is when. Sooner or later every business or individual will be faced with a dead computer. The biggest threat is the loss or corruption of data. (more…)