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Encrypt data or invite disaster

18 Dec 2007
 by Cristina Mailat | in: Maintenance

Data transmission is vital and become a necessity for all computer users. Data represent the lifeblood of any organization. Who can risk to not preserving the privacy of customers, employees and partners data? It is a must to prevent identity theft, by employing sophisticated and generally effective security procedures that control the entire system.

We live in an insecure world where unwanted person can access your personal information (email or desktop documents) and often use it against you. Loosing personal data of million consumers, for example, is prompting companies to embrace security technology they have neglected.

Why encryption is important?

Some users are making copies for their important data, but what to do when a copy is stolen? Encryption is the only way to avoid a disaster. You can encrypt your information, but common encryption key lengths of 40 to 56 bits are routinely cracked with a minimum amount of effort; you can see why this might be a problem.

Encryption is the process of changing data into a form that can be read only by the intended receiver. To decipher the message, the receiver of the encrypted data must have the proper decryption key.

The ID Security Suite offers you ID Data Encrypt software, providing symmetric and asymmetric encryption algorithms. ID Data Encrypt protects your files content; encrypts files using strong encryption algorithms; it is a new approach in information technology.

Whenever it is a question of the development and implementation of high quality data security systems, encryption and secure authentication methods, it is impossible to avoid ID Data Encrypt from ID Security Suite. After all, the safer the better!

ID Data Encrypt is a powerful encryption application that includes advances features such a rich cryptographic library, command line interface, strong encryption algorithms. It is the right professional tool for you.

ID Data Encrypt makes the best encryption possible for any files or folders, protecting files content in a controllable form; it is possible to have self decrypting files that will allow users to distribute encrypted files to people that do not have the encryption software installed on their computers.

ID Data Encrypt allows you to encrypt with strong encryption algorithm your files, and protect them with a password. The password must be encrypted too! The program will prevent anyone from viewing the file content; it provides the user with a wide variety of other security related options from ID Security Suite that helps you solve all computer security problems.

It works everywhere; on your personal hard disk, on a shared network drive, on a floppy disk or on some other kind of file store. You may also use ID Data Encrypt to secure your files before sending them via email.

Deleting files and folders from your computer is not secure; only an encryption can improves your file content security, keeping your personal data confidential.ID Data Encrypt has easy to use strong file encryption software that compresses, encrypt, decrypt, wipe view and edit with a few mouse clicks.

File or folder can be encrypted directly; files can also be automatically encrypted at shutdown and decrypted at startup ensuring total information security; it allows also secure file deletion. ID Data Encrypt keeps your data confidential encrypting files, email attachments, and protects folders. You can encrypt with this program every file type, content independent; it is very easy to use and the files are extremely safe. You have also the possibility to encrypt folders and subfolders.

For data archiving, the encryption is the first step. This method you’ll protect the confidentiality and ensure the integrity of the data. Recent incident (an important firm have lost tapes containing personal data on customers and employees) are demonstrating how important is the security plan for everyone. Since then, a growing number of firms and individual users are taking appropriate decisions to encrypt their information, to make their system more secure.

How to encrypt your data?

Every serious coder must have a plan for its work security; an encryption plan can be a life saver in any difficult situation. Those who embrace security will find themselves with a market advantage over lethargic peers. Moreover, companies and individual users can save themselves a lot of grief in being proactive on security.

ID File Encrypt is prioritizing the customer viewpoint throughout the process of developing its software. The dedication to improve and upgrade the existing software is as strong as the dedication to explore new directions in utility software applications.

ID Filer Encryption is a tool for every day use; it enables users to secure data for personal storage as well as for exchange between colleagues, partners, customers or personal relations. With its basic but effective strong encryption algorithm, ID Data Encrypt is the perfect solution independent of any specialized security infrastructure.

With ID Data Encrypt of ID Security Suite you achieve trustworthy transactions, any time, without risks. ID Data Encrypt gives you protection of information against unwanted manipulation. It is a high quality product; it does what it is intended to do and it does it very well.

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