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How to lock a folder

08 Apr 2009
 by Cristina Mailat | in: Security

Using Windows sometimes you can achive great things and you can get at your fingertips easy functions for multimedia and personal usage. But what is happening if you want to keep your data private. If you want to lock or password protect some files inside your computer you do not have many options at the moment, bellow you have the hard way – doing this manually and the easy way – using a folder lock software.

Method 1: Lock a folder using no software

  1. You have a folder named testf located om C:\testf
  2. On the same drive, near the folder testf please create a new file using Notepad with the bellow content
  3. ren testf testf.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}
  4. In Notepad go on File–>Save as and save the file as lock.bat
  5. Create another file using Notepad file and add in the file:
  6. ren testf.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D} testf
  7. Save this second file as unlock.bat
  8. At this moment you have 2 batch files: lock.bat and unlock.bat . Double click on lock.bat and your folder will change into Control Panel and the contents inside the folder will not be obtainable so easy
  9. To restore the folder and to access the content you have to double click on unlock.bat and then you will get back your original folder

Method 2: Use ID Folder Protector to lock a folder

  1. Download a copy of folder lock software named ID Folder Protector
  2. Use the instructions bellow and lock your folders

11 Responses to “How to lock a folder”

  1. Method 1 working like a charm. thanks a lot man!! ;D

  2. method 1 not working in windows 7

  3. yes not working in windows 7.

  4. method is 1 not working CAN SOME ONE SUGGEST

  5. That’s simply renames the files… this doesn’t “lock” anything. I hope you security suite is better than that

  6. thank u boss. . . .it has been working what u have been sujjested above

  7. Does anyone know how to lock a folder on Windows 7? I have to share my computer and wish to protect my files.

  8. I tested method 1 and it works perfectly. No need to buy any softwares if you use methond 1 I am very happy. Thank you very much

  9. Doesnt work in vista either…can u suggest for vista also…

  10. superb, Bravo, no words. the first method working in windows and mind blowing boss..

    expecting more …..

  11. nt wrks in windows 7 can u help me sir

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