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Thank you for choosing to download the ID Security Suite Products. Please click on the download button to begin the download process. By downloading the Trial versions of the ID Security Suite Products you accept the Terms & Conditions of using the software published on this website.
System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, ME or XP
Download Instructions:
After downloading the ".exe" file in Windows, double-click it to access the contents.
Download the ID Security Tools:

ID Directory Shield

Download ID Directory ShieldView ID Directory Shield features

ID AntiPhishing

Download ID AntiPhishingView ID AntiPhishing features

ID Privacy Shield

Download ID Privacy ShieldView ID Privacy Shield features

ID Secure Browser

Download ID Secure BrowserView ID Secure Browser features

ID AntiKeylogger

Download ID AntiKeyloggerView ID AntiKeylogger features

ID AntiPopup

Download ID AntiPopupView ID AntiPopup features

ID AntiSpam

Download ID AntiSpamView ID AntiSpam features

ID AntiDialer

Download ID AntiDialerView ID AntiDialer features
Download the ID Optimization & Cleanup Tools:

ID System Optimizer

Download ID System OptimizerView ID System Optimizer features

ID Startup Cleaner

Download ID Startup CleanerView ID Startup Cleaner features

ID Uneraser

Download ID UneraserView ID Uneraser features

ID Internet Optimizer

Download ID Internet OptimizerView ID Internet Optimizer features

ID Harddisk Cleaner

Download ID Harddisk CleanerView ID Hardisk Cleaner features

ID Registry Cleaner

Download ID Registry CleanerView ID Registry Cleaner features

ID Toolbar Remover

Download ID Toolbar RemoverView ID Toolbar Remover features
Download the ID Maintenance Tools:

ID Backup Manager

Download ID Backup ManagerView ID Backup Manager features

ID Harddisk Smartchecker

Download ID Harddisk SmartcheckerView ID Harddisk Smartchecker features

ID Unlocker

Download ID UnlockerView ID Unlocker features

ID Record Studio

Download ID Record StudioView ID Record Studio features

ID Browser Backup

Download ID Browser BackupView ID Browser Backup features

ID Data Wipe

Download ID Data WipeView ID Data Wipe features

ID Install Watch

Download ID Install WatchView ID Install Watch features

ID Process Manager

Download ID Process ManagerView ID Process Manager features

ID Data Encrypt

Download ID Data EncryptView ID Data Encrypt features

ID Network Watch

Download ID Network WatchView ID Network Watch features
Download the ID Protection Tools:

ID Firewall

Download ID FirewallView ID Firewall features

ID Folder Protector

Download ID Folder ProtectorView ID Folder Protector features

ID Disk Protector

Download ID Disk ProtectorView ID Disk Protector features

ID Devices Lock

Download ID Devices LockView ID Devices Lock features

ID Parental Advisor

Download ID Parental AdvisorView ID Parental Advisor features

ID Application Protector

Download ID Application ProtectorView ID Application Protector features

ID Disk Creator

Download ID Disk CreatorView ID Disk Creator features

ID USB Lock Key

Download ID USB Lock KeyView ID USB Lock Key features

ID Executable Password

Download ID Executable PasswordView ID Executable Password features

ID Image Protector

Download ID Image ProtectorView ID Image Protector features
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