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Encryption and backup must go hand in hand

18 Dec 2007
 by Cristina Mailat | in: Maintenance

Whether you know or not, you are a target, an easy target, if you do not take minimum steps to protect yourself when using the internet, when you are making security copies for your essential data.

No law mandates financial institutions encrypt data, but common sense require applying the best security methods. Wasting data is not an option!

Why to choose encryption and backup?

Some surveys that said only 7% of companies routinely encrypt their backup data. Recent lost of important tape having unprotected data appears like a disaster. It makes us think more seriously to encrypt the data before the backup and archive phase. The lost of millions of consumers are prompting companies to embrace security technologies they have neglected: encrypt and backup data.

Most businesses copy computer data on backup tapes for storage with third party vendors in the event of a disaster. Few encrypt it, but neglecting the security basic rules is a pure suicide. Shortly after it lost track of essential data for thousand customers, important firms decided to begin encrypting backup tapes.

Too many companies and individuals lose valuable data to hard drive failures, with absolutely no plan in place to prevent this from happening. ID Backup Manager is the best method to ensure the safety and security of your company’s invaluable computer information.

Encryption is the most effective way to achieve data security. Encrypted data (cipher text) must be then archived, making the back up more secure. Nobody would store or send confidential information in the open on a computer ignoring the basic rules of backup security. The only way to secure backup information is to use encryption. To read en encrypted file, you must have access to a secret key or password that enables you to decrypt it.

Solution to secure backup your PC

ID Backup Manager makes it easy to backup your data virtually to any type of storage
media: hard or network drive, DVD, CD-R/W, FTP or LAN.

ID Backup Manager will help you organize your automatic backup. It also featured an intuitive user interface making even the most advanced backup features accessible for beginners and professionals. The backup files are encrypted to make the storage more secure.

ID Backup Manager will encrypt automatically your data before archiving it, simple, straightforward and secure. The ID Security Suite software will encrypt computer files, and store them on your computer safe from viewing by others. The ID Backup Manager is easy to set up and use, have a simple user interface; doesn’t have to be installed at both ends. Special add-ons are provided to facilitate the backup of MS Outlook, system registry and drivers installed in the system. Restoring is as easy as clicking a button, but you can also use a number of advanced options.

Avoid the hassles of disks, tapes or floppies for your backups! Using the ID Backup Manager you’ll have secure encrypted data. Finding and selecting files is easy with our right mouse click options or with the friendly interface. The backup modes are full, differential and incremental; the program works with timestamps and versions.You don’t have to remember to do a security copy for your information. ID Backup
Manager remembers for you.

Our solution is really secure: we encrypt your data with Rijndael algorithm. Data is stored encrypted and only accessible with your passwords. The Backup files are compressed using any of the six compressing methods derived from Zlib, Ppm and Bzip.Compression options are: uncompressed / compressed / compressed encrypted.The ID Backup Manager is offering a large scale of choice for its source: it can backup Application Data Folder, the Desktop Folder, the Windows drivers, the Favorites folder, My Documents folder, Outlook Express Address Book, Outlook Express Emails, System Registry. It cans restore individual files, having an easy to use wizard for choosing which file to be backup.

The program gives you a complete control on the encryption and backup process, logs and reports let you know what was backed up, when it was backed up, and how much storage space you are using. You will receive automated email notification on every successful backup. It cans also schedule the backup at the special time.

You can restore files anytime. In the event of a crash, a virus infection, or a simple user error your backups are a click away. Additionally you have access to your file using your password, without any further intervention.

The new ID Backup Manager combines information security and availability to simultaneously provide word-class security and world-class encryption of your data. This software is designed to keep your business up, running, and growing, no matter what happens.

Imagine how many hours it took to compile the information stored inside tour computer, and think of how many hours of grumbling it is going to take to redo all of that work. With ID Backup Manager, you can leave work with a peace of mind that if your computer system fails, you have everything backed up on another server, or you can simply back everything up on a CD. It takes only a few minutes to encrypt and securely transfer the information to an outside storage source.

If you or your company has information that you just can’t afford to lose, use ID Backup Manager Program!

While very straightforward, ID Backup Manager has all features any PC user, whether a novice or a professional, might need. Good for home or office, this backup program is reliable and easy to use. It has a clear and intuitive interface helping you to walk through the process. Overall, ID Backup Manager is a good choice for any user who wants to keep backup files of sensitive data.

It is very rare to see a software company put so much effort into teaching a user how to use their software. It is extremely easy to learn what ID Backup Manager does and how to use it. This is no small task!

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