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ID Record Studio is a CD/ DVD burning program that allows you to create CDs or DVDs, containing personal files and folders and even music. It enables you to make data, audio or multi-session disks and allows you to copy entire CDs/DVDs and create new copies.
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ID Record Studio Main Features:

Burns large variety of media applications
Contains an integrated Media Player
Offers a convert-engine for DVD burning
Shrinks requested DVD movies
Writes and burns at high speeds

Detailed features:

ID Record Studio is an integrated performance burning-program providing excellent CD/DVD quality for writing, converting and reading media supports.

Burns a large variety of media applications, to help you create copies of any data, music or pictures. It so allows you to transport information easily and securely, by verifying data after burning.

ID Record Studio offers large burning options, including: Video and Super Video CDs, Video DVDs, Audio CDs from .mps, .ogg, .wma and .wav files, BIN/CUE images, ISO images. All burning methods are “on-the-fly” recording ones, making it needless for files to be image-copied first.

Supports MP3, WAV and Ogg Vorbis files and volume normalization. ID Record Studio also supports VCD (SVCD) and burns DVD Data, DVD Iso, DVD Bootable CDs, DVD image and Mini DVDs.

Provides backups for your important files. It gives you the chance to make important backups to your personal private files, as well as system files in case you need to reinstall the whole system.

ID Record Studio contains an integrated Media Player with all possible playable formats: DVD, CD, DVD, AVI, MP3 and OGG. It allows you to retrieve the names of the songs and the album or artist name from Internet sources by the use of Cddb support for Audio CDs.

Copies digital audio tracks to a target drive from where they can be converted to a PC compatible format, all by the use of CD/DVD grabber. Other compatibility problems are solved with the help of ripping Audio CD.

Contains a DVD ripper that allows you to copy an entire DVD on your local drive by the use of CSS decrypting method.

Offers a convert-engine when burning a DVD which enables you to create a complete standard DVD by simply adding MPEG2. It also makes DVDs compatible to be read on any other DVD player, even if converted from MPEG format.

Schedules at request a project for being burned at a later time by building ISO images and storing them in an integrated memory.

Shrinks at request DVD movies, starting from a 6.5 Gb Video DVD and reaching to a 4.3 Gb Video DVD. It works with most CD/DVD recording drives, such as: IDE, SCSI, USB and Firewire.

Writes and burns at high speeds as it is designed for high data rates. It offers a buffer-protection system for error-free burning and offers erasing and re-writing options, for both CD and DVD formats.

System Requirements:

Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
300 Mhz processor
3 MB hard drive space
128 MB RAM
Supports Internet Explorer

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