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When ever you are browsing the Internet, you are leaving behind traces of your web preferences. For some of us, this might be quite unpleasant, as we all care about our privacy and want to keep our web preferences aside of curious eyes. ID Secure Browser is the right application for secure browsing, it does all the nasty work by deleting or encrypting your Internet history into a private location that you can access only by using a password.
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ID Secure Browser Main Features:

Works based on safe password protection
Ease to use, friendly interface
Complete control for hidden favorites
Secure protected drive for all documents and files
Picture viewer for files from Secure Drive

Detailed features:

Your internet history can be easily accessed by unwanted persons, and this is where ID Secure Browser application takes charge. Securing your temporary internet file to a locked and private location is just one of the features of our product.

ID Secure Browser allows you secure access based on a password.

This software provides you instant protection of unwanted eyes. ID Secure Browser provides users with a panic button that clears automatically the history of typed url-s, cookies, favorites, cache and history.

All your saved files, including music, pictures or videos are encrypted in the specific location, inaccessible to other persons without access to the application.

The Quick Save feature allows the users to save files without indication the download path every time they download a file.

Users are allowed to move files from their public location into the secured location created by ID Secure Browser. Easy management of your files or folders, by name or category.

Disable IE's auto form saving goodness.

Disable IE's username/password saving.

Securely wipe ( overwrite the files several times, then delete ): cache, history, cookies after each browsing session.

Secure drive with searching and viewing capabilities for documents, favorites, images and movies. The Search feature give users the possibility to locate fast and easy any of the stored files and folders.

System Requirements:

Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
300 Mhz processor
3 MB hard drive space
128 MB RAM
Supports Internet Explorer

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