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Earn easy money as an Affiliate
Our software is an ideal way to leverage your business and generate additional revenue from new and existing clients. Read our FAQ for more details and register bellow.

The ID Security Affiliate Program is addressed to those interested in earning money by promoting or direct reselling of ID Security Suite products. Being our associate in this business will bring you great advantages, such as:

    earning up from 35% of the purchase price of our products (paid monthly)
    no financial requirements from your behalf
    easy and fast registration process

In order to be our associate, you have to follow these extremely easy steps:

Fill out our Affiliate Registration Form and agree with the Terms and conditions.
Choose ID Security Suite products you want to promote or resell from your affiliate panel.
Make special links from your own site to an order-page, where customers can purchase the product. You can personalize the link and advertise it any way you want and believe will bring you more sales. Please use these resources for the marketing promoting.
Cash in to the money! The final step is to collect the money you deserve. They will be sent to you on a monthly basis according to the amount of products you have sold.

Signup As Affiliate

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