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Securing your digital life takes on a new level of importance. Most people would rather lose their phone line than their email service; this explosion of email has comes a parallel rise in email-based threats. This threats range from minor nuisance to major resource drains and create serious vulnerabilities. No computer user can afford to ignore the problem. Spam, viruses, worms, phishing, blended threats and inappropriate use of email; they are all part of the same issue: content security. (more…)

Cookies, not so long ago they were something we ate, a delicious snack. Now it’s a term for files that arrive on your computer when you surf the web. Computers are filled with both good and bad cookies. A common bad cookie is known as the tracking cookie. It is important to detect tracking cookies and remove tracking cookies from your computer as soon as possible. For a smooth and hassle free removal of these bad guys, use the Ad-Aware software.

The use of the internet has skyrocketed, and with the increased usage comes increased concerns about privacy. These concerns are fueled by what we hear on the news, and read in the paper. The fear is real, but for many there is no understanding of how the web works and what kind of tracking is possible with these cookies. (more…)