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How to secure your emails?

18 Dec 2007
 by Cristina Mailat | in: Security, Tutorials

Securing your digital life takes on a new level of importance. Most people would rather lose their phone line than their email service; this explosion of email has comes a parallel rise in email-based threats. This threats range from minor nuisance to major resource drains and create serious vulnerabilities. No computer user can afford to ignore the problem. Spam, viruses, worms, phishing, blended threats and inappropriate use of email; they are all part of the same issue: content security.

How is spam working?

Spammers obtain email addresses by a number of means: harvesting addresses from web pages, guessing common names at known domains (dictionary attack); and e-pending or searching for email addresses corresponding to specific persons. Some spammers utilize programs called web spiders to find email addresses on web pages.

Spam wastes time, it is very difficult to get rid of. Most mailboxes today are constantly flooded with spam, unwanted advertising of any kind. Today more than 50% of all emails are spam mails. Email worms and viruses can reach your system and infect your users through harmful attachments. Some viruses are transmitted through harmless looking email messages and can run automatically without the need for user intervention (like Nimda or Love Letter virus).

You need to secure sensitive information, deal with spam, reduce spam; protecting your email is making all information more secure. The most deadly viruses, able to cripple your email system in minutes, are being distributed via email in a matter of hours, even minutes.

We all know that spam is here to stay, but it doesn’t have to invade your inbox and waste your time; we all want to make the email secure, reduce or even block spam.For any user, an every day problem is block spam, reduce spam, and delete spam. Spam costs you money; according to recent report from an independent company, a computer user receives up to 13 spam mails per day.

How to protect yourself agains spam?

ID AntiSpam helps you to make your email secure, protected from spam and viruses. ID AntiSpam is designed to reduce or block spam; it is the first line defense in securing your email and your computer. In today’s world email is a necessity, but thanks to ID AntiSpam, computer owners can now effectively manage email security.

Messages and attachments are unpacked and scanned; emails that our software determines to be spam or contain viruses get trapped in a user accessible quarantine. The user has complete access to the quarantine so he can confirm the spam and valid emails.

The user never misses a valid email, and never has to be subjected to unwanted again. ID AntiSpam uses a blended set of proven anti spam filters to maximize its spam fighting power. You’ll have complete control over the way in which you handle and dispose of spam and unsolicited email; it includes black list / white list, users can build their own personalized while list and manage heir own quarantine areas.

The methods and algorithms used by ID AntiSpam software are comprehensive and advanced, constantly updated, to keep up with changes that spammers and virus writers are constantly making. ID AntiSpam is helping you to keep the garbage out of your inbox; our software has been designed for one purpose: win the war against spam.There is also the possibility to report spam to the internet service providers. Reporting unsolicited spam will improve the security information and also helps feed spam filtering systems.

ID AntiSpam intelligently knows which emails you have received are good and which are spam by using artificial intelligence and black lists. ID AntiSpam quickly and easily helps you stop spam from polluting your inbox with advanced rule-based and list based filtering; blocks specific addresses of knows spammers, just as other programs do; but ID AntiSpam goes far beyond lists. Its filters also watch for subject lines and text within messages. ID AntiSpam can filter in the sender’s address, subject line, body text, message header and can even block spam based on its country of origin.

ID AntiSpam comes with many filters already installed and new filters are released regularly, based on serious analysis. ID AntiSpam ensure security information directly supporting multiple client-based email applications and web based email clients; ID AntiSpam enables you to benefit from its advances filtering without forcing you to change how you access and read your email.

Makes sure good emails make it to your Inbox. Fight spam with ID Blocker Spam, easy
to use and efficient! Optionally you can adjust delete spam messages instead or sorting them to a spam folder. You never have to see a spam message again. The email program will be a happy place again; no more hours spend each day sorting through the garbage!

By giving users ID AntiSpam, for effective spam filtering, a stable product and a polished usable interface, further confidence is assured with future enhancements for email security.

End your spam nightmare and make email enjoyable again by keeping your email box free of annoying spam! Our software reduce and even block spam, analyzes email so effectively that in many cases it is more accurate than filtering by hand.

ID AntiSpam will give you the freedom to once again enjoy reading your email!

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