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Windows stores an incredible amount of information on your computer. Many of these files are essential to keep your computer operating. However, many are files that are no longer needed, often left behind when we uninstall a piece of software. It is important that you manage and clean startup programs. These files take up valuable space on your computer, and cause your computer to run slow . Running ID Startup Cleaner is like having your own personal Doctor for your computer. It will help keep your computer healthy and running at its optimal capacity.

Why you have so many startup programs?

Have a look at the number of files on your hard drive. The number of files attached to windows alone is mind boggling! Then there are all the files for every piece of software you have on your system. It’s pretty amazing that your computer can keep things running as smooth as it does. But over time, things get a bit muddles, files get fragmented, and your computer is forced to weed through information it no longer needs, and to hunt and peck for fragments of files splattered all over your hard drive. You notice the system is running slower than normal. Well if you were forced to work under these conditions, you’d be running pretty slowly too!

Even when we use the proper uninstall features to remove software from our computers, files get left behind, entries get left in the registry and in other windows system files. Many don’t realize that the uninstall function doesn’t always remove all related files and entries. All these extra files, and additional entries, cause the performance of your system to become impaired.

Neglecting to clean startup programs can also compromise your privacy. By scrubbing these files from your system, you ensure that all private information has been removed. You also recover hard drive space, ensure and increase the speed of your system.

Windows stores information about what you’ve done, where you’ve been, what programs you’ve used, what documents you’ve opened, as well as other activities you’ve performed. It’s rather like a very large personal diary. By cleaning these excess files of your computer system, you ensure that a hacker will not be able to obtain your personal information.

People think that once they delete a file and remove it from the recycling bin it’s gone. This simply is not true! Even after you delete a file from the recycling bin, it is not completely removed from your system. These files can be easily recovered using recovery tools. That’s why it is so important to use a program like ID Startup Cleaner, which scrubs the files completely from your computer system.

Scrubbing all these files off your system is also a great way to tweak your system. It will perform like it did when it was new. Not only is it important to delete excess files from the drive, you need to remove the left over entries in the registry.

Each time you install software, there are entries written to the registry. Many left over files remain even after software has been uninstalled. The registry is read at boot up, so the larger the registry gets, the slower your system boots. The registry is like your computers operating manual. It tells it what it needs to load, what it needs to do, and provides it with all relevant information. The entire file is loaded into the memory when your computer boots.

How you can manage and clean your Windows startup programs?

It reads every single line, so if your registry is filled with useless left over entries, it’s going to take longer for your system to perform. Use ID Startup Cleaner to eliminate these entries that you no longer need. Cleaning your registry will substantially improve the performance of your system.

Over time as you add and delete files, the files become fragmented and scattered all over the hard drive. This means your computer has to hunt for every piece of the fragmented file. When you defrag the drive, these files are all put back in together so your drive operates optimally, performing like it did when it was new.

You should also remove any programs that are in the startup folder, that do not need to be there. These days every piece of software you install wants to place itself so it automatically loads when you power up. The problem is each of these programs uses up a little bit of your memory resources. If these are programs that you don’t need to auto load upon start up, remove them from the folder.

There are many other windows files that can be tweaked to increase performance. Most are beyond the understanding of the average computer user, so they must depend on software to complete the task. ID Startup Cleaner will ensure your windows system and boot files so your computer is running optimally.

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