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Keeping your children safe on the internet

18 Dec 2007
 by Cristina Mailat | in: Protection

The children of today have opportunities past generations could only dream of. The movies of the past have become the reality of today. With the advent of the internet, children are now able to bring the world closer to them, develop friendships across the globe, and having instant information at their fingertips. With this technology also come concerns for the children’s safety. The best way to keep you children safe is to use parental controls. ID Parental Advisor can oversee your child while they surf the net, keeping them safe and out of harms way.

Why Internet is dangerous for a child?

The internet provides plenty of action and fun for kids. It lets them keep in touch with friends; do research for school projects and purchase games and books online. The children of today view the internet as a normal part of every day life.

The internet is also an important tool for communication, gathering information, entertainment, and yes even shopping. In today’s world, developing online skills is important to your child’s overall development. These skills are critical for the future success of your child, when they go off to university, or enter the job market.

However, for parents, keeping their children safe is of the utmost importance. The first thing you should do is sit down and talk with your child about the internet. Let them know you are there to guide them and make sure their surfing safely. Encourage them to ask you questions if they are uncertain about a site they have landed at, or the conversations they are having with their new internet friend.

How a parent can stop a children from accessing violent sites?

For the majority of children the internet experiences will be safe, but nothing in life is 100% safe all the time. That is why adding ID Parental Advisor to you computer is important. It is impossible for you to be watching your children the entire time they are busy surfing the net. Not only do you have other tasks you need to get done; you want kids to feel you have a degree of trust in their ability to use the internet safely.

ID Parental Advisor can be there for your kids when you are not. Once you configure it, it will be their watching over your kids as they enjoy the freedom of the internet. It will block access based on the criteria you have set up. It will also log activity so you can quickly see where your kids are going.

We don’t want fear to stop us from letting our children access the internet. It is an incredible source of information, allowing children to learn more and learn quicker than any other time in history. Because surfing is fun and enjoyable, kids tend to retain this information much better, then when they are forced to read a text book or listen to a teacher drone on. As well, because of the presentation of the information and the easy access, kids are likely to be taken from one topic to another related topic, expanding their knowledge and understanding.

Sample of protection offered

In the past, pen pals were found by placing an ad in a magazine or paper. Sometimes two schools would initiate a pen pal swap between classes. Today the kids can very easily have friends all over the globe. They can chat with them using instant messaging, they can learn about their culture, and groups of them can all chat together.

Of course in every silver lining, there is a cloud. This is where pedophiles and evil minded people who pray on children like to gather. They pose as another child or an adult companion building trust with the child. ID Parental Advisor can keep tabs on your child’s online friends, alerting you to any potential problems. With ID Parental Advisor you can give your kids the freedom to build a network of friends and know they are safe.

Online gaming has also become quite popular. Online gaming involves interactive play with many players from all over the world. The level of available gaming ranges for games for the very young to very advanced games that both teens and adults enjoy. They can either play by visiting the site, or by downloading the game to their computer. This is another great way for the kids to meet people and have some fun. With your parental controls set to keep an eye on the kids, you can be sure they are not signing up to inappropriate gaming sites.

By using ID Parental Advisor, you can be sure that your children have a valuable and pleasant experience online. It will allow you to control content and contacts. The software will also allow you to block or filter the material that comes into your computer. It will monitor where your child has been, and who your child has been chatting with. ID Parent Advisor will allow you to control what shopping sites they are able to visit and set privacy levels. Having ID Parental Advisor on your system is like having a dedicated internet nanny for your children!

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