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How to erase your Internet traces?

18 Dec 2007
 by Cristina Mailat | in: Security, Tutorials

In today’s high tech world it seems anything we want is only a keystroke away.
Sadly this is the same for the crooks out there. Every time you use your computer you leave files behind that can be stolen by a hacker. Often, these files will contain personal information. To protect privacy and stay secure, you will need to use a trace washer, which will erase traces of all your internet activity.

Why we should erase our Internet traces?

With the click of a button, or a few keystrokes we can now make instant purchases half way around the globe. The world of information has arrived at our desk. Convenience is right at our finger tips. But with that convenience comes some risks. In the electronic age we live in, everything from our credit card information, to our medical information is stored on a computer somewhere.

Large companies are fully aware of the security risks, and are constantly working to enhance their security measures. These companies have full teams of IS staff dedicated to keeping your information secure. Large budgets allow for the purchase of only the best security equipment. Still, even they experience the wrath of a hacker. We often hear on the news of a major corporation who has had our personal information exposed or stolen from their systems, causing the security of our personal information to be compromised.

The home user often doesn’t give security much thought. Many incorrectly people believe they have nothing on their computers that a hacker would want. This is simply not true!! The home user is more at risk than any of the large companies, because they are not prepared. Home users are a hackers dream. Information is readily available with virtually no security to infiltrate.

How to erase the Internet traces?

Each time you connect to the internet your risk your privacy. Even when you use a firewall and anti-virus software you still run the risk of your privacy being compromised. Firewalls and anti virus software do the job they were designed to do very well, but there is other security protection needed to keep you personal information safe. That is why it is so important to use ID Privacy Shield.

ID Privacy Shield will provide you with enhanced privacy protection for all of your online surfing. You can feel secure in knowing that ID Privacy Shield is on the job. ID Privacy Shield will delete temporary files off your computer, clear the cache, delete cookies, and remove all traces of files that could compromise your personal information.

Your computer stores more information that you might think. Every email you send, every file you open, and every site you visit is recorded somewhere on your computer. It could be in the registry, the cache, temp files, or a host of other places. It could even be in a hidden file.

If you are thinking you are safe because you empty the recycle bin, clear your cache and delete your cookies after every use, think again. You are as vulnerable as you were before deleting those files. A file that has been deleted manually is only deleted from your view. It still resides on your computer, leaving a trace behind that can easily be restored by a hacker, compromising your personal information. A few key windows commands will very quickly uncover your habits, your files, and your personal information.

Each time you access the internet small packets of files are left behind on your computer. Think of these packets as bread crumbs that build a trail. These small packets, or bread crumbs build a trail that others can follow to trace your activity. This is why you often hear about some employee getting fired for surfing inappropriate material on the internet. There activity was followed by someone in their companies IS Security department. Even though they deleted the information a few commands by a pro and they were completely exposed.

Many popular programs that we all use on a regular basis, record the users history. Programs such as Netscape, MSN Messenger, AOL, Kazaa, Windows Media Player, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, as well as many other programs, track all of your activity by placing files on your system. They do this to provide you with a better user environment, building smarter applications that can know your needs on demand. However, the collection of this information can also put you at risk, because your personal information may be compromised by a hacker.

Don’t become a victim! The only sure way to be safe is to use ID Privacy Shield to sweep up behind you. By using ID Privacy Shield you cover your tracks automatically. It will destroy all data related to your surfing. It’s like sweeping up the trail of crumbs as fast as they land. No more traces of where you’ve visited, logins, or any other personal information.

All traces of your online internet and computer activities will be permanently erased and they will not be recoverable by anyone. Files written to the temporary directory, cookies, registry entries, and files that have been hidden, will all be removed by ID Privacy Shield.

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  1. Another way to do it is to erase tour temp files and run a disk cleaning software.

  2. how do i erase my user id when i use a computer like using yahoo on someoen else computer but I want to delete my id off that computer,

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