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remove spyware

Browser hijacked, strange pop-ups appearing for no reason? Is your computer running really slow? It’s time you knew how to protect yourself!

These days, the adware threat to your computer, is no laughing matter. Not only is it annoying, it can create havoc with your system, and jeopardize your personal information. That is why it is so important to detect adware, and remove adware as soon as possible. (more…)

9 out 10 computers are infected with spyware, also known as adware, scumware, malware and many others. To fight against spyware, install security patches; avoid downloading and using freeware and disable ActiveX downloads.

Spam email is costing you big money; you must stop all spam. Did you know that someone may be spying on you right now? Some hijacker may watch everything you do on your computer, tracking what sites you visit, where you shop on-line, and possibly even reading your personal documents and email. (more…)